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Frush Law Offices of Danville, California, and surrounding areas is here to assist your business in understanding business and environmental compliance and regulations. Our experts are here to answer your questions and provide you the assistance you need to manoeuvre through various legal hurdles.

Environmental Compliance
Frush Law Offices assists businesses and private parties in understanding and complying with commercial and industrial legal requirements, including the complexities of environmental regulations, land use permits, and other legal hurdles necessary to operate a business.

Business Transactions
Frush Law Offices assists with determining the appropriate legal structure for your business, and drafting various business agreements, including commercial leases, and Purchase and Sale Agreements.  

Gavel, Environmental Compliance in Danville, CA

Frush Law Offices also provides mediation services, allowing parties to reach mutually beneficial agreements without "fighting it out in court".  We facilitate these meetings in an informal environment and make sure each party has a chance to be heard in a setting that is not intimidating.  Our goal is to help people work together in negiotiating a settlement to their problem, to reach a common ground.  


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