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Business, Environmental and Mediation Services

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We Specialize in the Following:

• Business
  transactions and
• Environmental 
  transactions and

• Mediation
• Regulatory

Have Frush Law Offices, based in Danville, California, working hard on your side for business and environmental legal services.  We are also experienced mediators, thereby saving you thousands of dollars in litigation costs.     

We also assist with environmental compliance and regulatory negotiations.  We have been very successful in liaising with regulatory agencies to make sure our clients reach and maintain a coopertive relationship with appropriate agencies.  

Understand Your Point of View

Shaking Hands, Environmental Law, Commercial Real Estate in Danville, CA

With our years of experience, we make sure we understand our cliens' points of view. We determine how best to meet our clients' needs.

Our mediation services often diffuse the confrontational aspects of conflicts that so often arise in the business environment.  Our mediations are conducted in an informal setting and are far less adversarial than courtrooms and are far less expensive.  

Our Business History
With 38 years of experience in the legal field, we specialize in environmental law, business law, real property, and commercial transactions, with a strong focus on mediation. We explain and draft approrpriate and necessary agreements and contracts. 


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